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2015 NEW: EXPLORER 2 S500M

2015 NEW: EXPLORER 2 S500M

Explorer 2 is the new generation of full motion Satellite TV Antennas, for watching TV with moving and parked vehicle.

Key Points:


• Increased performance thanks to the new bigger parabolic dish (+55%)*


• New elliptic feed-horn to avoid spillover (H.P.F.)


• Gear drive on Azimut axis


• New low attenuation radome design


Glomex has developed Explorer 2 (S500M), the new high performance satellite TV antenna to watch TV with moving and parked vehicle. Explorer 2 has exceptional performances with every weather conditions thanks to a bigger parabolic dish (+55%)*, the high gain and a low noise factor LNB and the innovative elliptic feed-horn to avoid spill-over (H.P.F.). Avoid spill-over, in fact, it is very important to have excellent performance in receiving signal as this allows to use the feed-horn and the total surface of the parabolic dish in the best possible way and, at the same time, to avoid that there could be reflected signals that may reduce the performance of the antenna. Explorer 2 is also designed according to the offset technology (the focus point is outside the parabolic area), so that the LNB is supported by an arm which does not cast any shadow onto the dish for the best performances. Explorer 2 provided with new-generation electronic gyroscopes, which can compensate any kind of vehicle movement, thus allowing you to watch TV programmes with no interruption also with moving vehicle. As the other Glomex satellite TV antennas, Explorer2 is very easy to install and to use thanks to the very simple control unit. Moreover, Glomex antennas may be updated by anyone by means of the SD card reader (memory card), integrated in the control unit, by downloading the software for free from the site www.glomexmobile.com.

* Explorer 2 (S500M) has a parabolic dish 55% bigger than Explorer2 (S460M) for greater performances in receiving the satellite TV signal.

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