Glomex is the leading company in the manufacturing of antennas and entertainment systems for the marine and automotive industry. Since 1984, Glomex has had two missions: understanding the market requirements and serving boaters and boat builders with the best products.

Today Glomex is a strong reality that has powerful commercial partnerships all over the world with a worldwide distributors net, the largest shipyards and some of the largest boat builders such as Azimut Benetti, Bavaria, Beneteau Jeanneau, Dufour yachts, Ferretti Group, Hanse, Sea Ray and Sunseeker… just to name a few.

Focusing on the real needs of our customers, Glomex has achieved high products and service quality standards such as to ensure the best products on the market.



Glomex is the leading company in the manufacturing of antennas and entertainment systems for the marine and automotive industry. Since 1984, Glomex has had two missions: understanding the market requirements and serving boaters and boat builders with the best products.

Today Glomex is a strong reality that has powerful commercial partnerships all over the world with a worldwide distributors net, the largest shipyards and some of the largest boat builders such as Azimut Benetti, Bavaria, Beneteau Jeanneau, Dufour yachts, Ferretti Group, Hanse, Sea Ray and Sunseeker… just to name a few.

Focusing on the real needs of our customers, Glomex has achieved high products and service quality standards such as to ensure the best products on the market.


Glomex is the only company in the marine industry offering a lifetime warranty on its products (for VHF, CB, Omnidirectional DVB-T2 TV,AM/FM, ORBCOMM, AIS, MOBILE PHONE antennas and accessories). We are certain about the quality and reliability of our products since they have passed many tests such as: UV-ray exposure, environmental, mechanical, electric, and electronic strain.


Buying Glomex you are sure of the high quality of our products you are also respecting the environment and helping with environmental sustainability. Thanks to the lifetime warranty and the incredible quality of its products, Glomex is able to help the environment by limiting the plastic usage and consequent waste.

With Glomex, the best in marine antennas, you are never alone on the water


Glomex was founded in 1984 by Piero Baldassarri. Baldassarri trained “in the field”, working in shipyards for several years and navigating on vessels in the Italian Navy. In 1978, Piero Baldassarri founded Elettronica Azimut, a company specialized in sales and management for the electronic systems in the boating industry. In 1984, the Glomex project was born, which found its core business in the production of antennas for commercial and recreational boating. During the first few years the production was focused on the marine industry, with VHF and DVB-T TV antennas produced entirely in Italy and globally distributed.  

To keep the high-quality levels of its products, Glomex inaugurated its first Test Lab in 2004. A Carnevali boat with all the equipment to test the reliability of Glomex products directly offshore.

All Glomex products undergo rigorous testing for U.V. exposure, mechanical, electrical and electronic operation before they are tested aboard the Test Lab boat. Once aboard the Test Lab, these antennas are subjected to typical installation and harsh marine environments to faithfully reproduce the conditions that the customer will experience on their boat, ensuring complete customer satisfaction. The acronym TLT is synonymous with research, development, experimentation and quality assurance that have made Glomex a leader in marine antennas.

In 2011, Glomex decides to expand its R&D department with Test Lab 2: the new Glomex Mobile motor-home set up with last generation technological equipment to test its satellite and terrestrial TV antennas on the European roads. In the same year and in 2012 the motor-home, equipped with the best Glomex antennas, completed an engaging road trip, touching the most popular destinations in the travelling tourism and also testing all other antennas in the range with highly sophisticated performance monitoring instrumentation. The journey went over 7000 km across Europe, meeting all weather conditions.

In 2020, despite the pandemic that has hit the world economy, Glomex chooses to increase its investments in R&D by developing the new range of IoT products, with the firm belief that success is also achieved by focusing on innovation. This is why Glomex has equipped itself with Test Lab 3. A 58 Hanse equipped with all Glomex products such as communication antennas, terrestrial and satellite TV antennas, internet and remote monitoring systems. Test Lab 3 is our new laboratory boat we use to test all our products around the Mediterranean Sea in any environmental condition bringing the products to the limit to verify their reliability and performance. Moreover, Glomex Test Lab 3 is certified by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development as a boat laboratory permanently connected with the Glomex R&D department in Ravenna.

Glomex is aware that in addition to manufacturing products that meet the highest standards of quality and performance, it is important to offer a super-fast and efficient production and delivery service, together with high standards of after-sales assistance. Therefore, in 2015 Glomex decides to expand its offices and renovate the technical assistance department and the production factory, including 5 new automatic vertical warehouses to recover space in the distribution area and improving the efficiency, speed and accuracy of its picking operations.

Glomex 40 - The Best in Marine Antennas


Glomex partners with some of the most important Italian and international groups, becoming a point of reference for manufacturers and aftermarket distributors worldwide. Glomex is present in all 5 continents through a network of major distributors and in continuous expansion. We market our products in over 50 countries around the world and we appear in most European catalogues. Our international vision and reputation are important resources along the developmental path of the company, which is constantly looking for new markets and new growth areas.

The widest range of marine antennas on the market

Glomex distinguishes itself from its competitors for being the only company in the nautical sector to produce communication antennas, TV and internet entertainment systems and remote monitoring systems, offering the widest range of marine antennas on the market. Such as:


The Glomeasy line is a concept of Plug & Play marine antenna with FME termination. Specifically developed to make life easier for boat owners and, at the same time, to ensure the thirty-year investment of Glomex thanks to the attention and care in the selection of materials and in technological research. With the Glomeasy line of antennas, Glomex wanted to meet the multiple needs of an antenna installation by providing an antenna that can be matched with different mounts, brackets, multiple adaptors, high quality / low loss coaxial cables offered in various lengths and already fitted with a special professional and miniaturized FME connector. These traits allow boat owners to have great freedom in the implementation of their VHF, AM/FM, AIS and DAB system and to have an extremely easy and fast installation without the need to solder or cut the cable.

Satellite technology

In 2004, twenty years after its foundation, Glomex enters the satellite technology market designing its first satellite antennas for the marine industry. 

2011 is the year that marks the beginning of the collaboration between Glomex and the engineers of the University of Milan. This partnership has resulted in the production and launch of a new version of high performance disk-based (HPD) satellite TV antennas, super silent signal tracking (STO) software and new software for more advanced signal detection (ATS).

In 2016 Glomex develops the new range of satellite TV antennas with DVB-S2 technology: the second generation of digital video transmissions. This new technology allows you to receive the satellite TV signal with perfect quality and to watch all TV channels in Full HD and 4K.

2021 is the year of the latest innovation in the satellite area, with the introduction of the “NEO” wireless controlled satellite TV antennas. The “NEO” antennas are equipped with a super-fast satellite tracking system even in extreme rough sea conditions thanks to the totally renewed electronics and mechanics: more powerful processor, faster driver and more solid structure. Furthermore, the new electronics have been designed to offer extremely silent satellite TV antennas, both while searching and tracking.

Through the introduction of a new GPS system (built-in on all range), the new “NEO” satellite TV antennas are able to save previous navigation positions, as well as guarantee increased signal reception performance even at the edges of the signal coverage area.

The wide range of “NEO” satellite TV antennas covers all LNB models (universal, multiband, dCSS/SCR), matches all kind of satellite receiver, and meets all the installation needs. The antenna models with the new dCSS/SCR technology have been specially developed to be used with the new dCSS receivers (for example the Sky Q receivers) and to take advantage of all their features (such as recording a program while watching another channel). Moreover, the dCSS technology has the great advantage of an extremely simple and fast installation thanks to a single cable that comes down from the antenna even for multi-outputs installations.

One of the most important and innovative key point of “NEO” antennas is the management via the free App, available for iOS and Android devices. By downloading the app, you can manage the “NEO” satellite TV antennas in one click via Bluetooth® with your own smartphone/tablet and:

  • update the antenna satellite list;
  • select and change satellites;
  • update the antenna software;
  • send antenna service log file to the technical assistance.

Remote monitoring ZigBoat® e CamBoat™

In 2018, Glomex increased its dedicated research and development engineering to offer two innovative IoT products:

  • ZigBoat™: the 100% wireless system to monitor and interact with your boat either remotely or locally, ensuring safety and peace of mind. Thanks to the ZigBee and WiFi wireless technologies, able to have a direct real-time and encrypted communication with onboard sensors without the need for a cloud, the ZigBoat™ sends real-time push notifications when critical events occur.
  • CamBoat™: the Wi-Fi HD IP security camera with motion sensor that allows you to monitor the area remotely wherever you are and at any time via the free iOS and Android App. You have 100% privacy as there is no cloud or subscription. You have also direct, encrypted and real-time video streaming thanks to the 1-to-1 connection.

Internet Technology

Glomex is the leading company in the marine internet antenna field also because we have developed the first 3G/4G/Wi-Fi COASTAL INTERNET ANTENNA SYSTEM to surf the web up to, approximately, 20 miles from the coast.

In 2014, Glomex developed the weBBoat® 4G, an integrated system that offered a high-speed Wi-Fi hotspot throughout the boat and was very quick and easy to setup via a single unit with minimal cabling (only one 10-30 vDC power supply cable). The weBBoat 4G is easy to configure and manage thanks to the free Glomex App available on the Apple Store and Google Play. For these reasons, weBBoat is a true Plug & Play unit that won the 2014 DAME AWARD in the “Marine Electronics & Marine related Software” Category.

In 2016, Glomex developed a new version of the weBBoat: weBBoat® 4G PLUS which incorporates all of the strengths of the previous version but introduces a DUAL SIM slot, a built-in faster functioning router, more powerful High performing 4G and Wi-Fi antennas, new App with the Automatic Firmware update to have the best performance and latest software to guarantee a high-speed connection along the coast. 

In 2018 weBBoat® 4G Plus was selected by the editors of the nautical sector of the United States as the winner of the best 2018 products.

We are proud of the fact that our products have distinguished themselves from hundreds of nominations for their impact on the industry and for innovation. Glomex was also the first company to win two awards in two different top product categories in the same year (internet with the weBBoat® and terrestrial TV antennas with Nashira AGC).

Again in 2018, Glomex develops weBBoat® 4G Lite, the compact integrated “Coastal internet” 4G/ Wi-Fi Single SIM system, developed specifically for small and medium-sized boats to surf the internet up to about 15 miles from the coast.

In 2021, Glomex increases the weBBoat® range with the new generation of the weBBoat 4G Plus and weBBoat 4G Lite respectively named weBBoat® 4G Plus EVO and weBBoat® 4G Lite EVO. The two new versions differentiate from one another by additional features such as automatic APN, SMS management/reading/sending to monitor internet consumption and automatic switching mode with onboard satellite internet devices/V-SAT and an encrypted real-time peer-to-peer connection for remote set-up and service. This increases the performance and usefulness of your integrated Coastal Internet system.

Glomex has also developed two indoor internet units: weBBoat® Link (single SIM) and weBBoat® Link PRO (dual SIM). With the weBBoat® Link you can use multiple internet connection methods, allowing the combination of internet via satellite, via mobile phone and Wi-Fi or any landline service, if available, in a single on-board internet system. This allows a non-stop internet connection both along the coast and offshore. When the boat leaves the harbour and the Wi-Fi is no longer reachable, weBBoat® Link keeps the internet signal via SIM and via the onboard satellite internet devices.

Some of the weBBoat® Link main features are:

  • Automatic APN: Easier and Faster configuration with the automatic selection of your SIM card carrier APN.
  • Using the Glomex webUI or App you can manage and configure any aspect of your onboard internet connection system. You can also read/send SMS and check the SIM credit and the cellular internet data consumption.
  • Priority function: to choose which connection type is used and in which assigned priority order. Typically, the highest priority links will be the cheaper high bandwidth connections (marina Wi-Fi, then Cellular) with the lowest priority link being the more expensive satellite internet connection. With weBBoat Link you can choose also to enable only one internet connection methods, for example the marina WI-FI to reduce the cellular or satellite internet data consumption and costs.
  • Encrypted real-time peer-to-peer connection for remote set-up & service.

The weBBoat® Link is also available in the EXT version, 4G/Wi-Fi Coastal & Ocean kit with the indoor + 2 external high gain 4G antennas and 2 LMR200 7m coaxial cables to expand the reception strength of the 4G signal and having a secure Wi-Fi hotspot inside and outside the boat up to 20 miles from the coast.


Glomex invested multiple resources to develop a wide range of VHF, HF/SSB and Wi-Fi commercial antennas characterized by quality, efficiency, safety and exceptional performances to meet the specific needs of those who need to communicate with the mainland and other boats in an uncompromising and sustained way. Our Commercial antennas are characterized by their heavy-duty construction, highest quality materials, extremely strong fiberglass tubes made with a double layer of fibreglass, 5 layers of UV resistant polyurethane paint, reinforced and corrosion-resistant bushings, first-choice internal elements and the highest quality coaxial cables. These characteristics guarantee high performances even in extreme navigation conditions.


In 2007 Glomex accepts a new challenge and enters the automotive field by differentiating its production: TV antennas for DVB-T2 and satellites dedicated to motor-homes, caravans, trucks and coaches. A completely new process, which immediately stands out based on continuous research, design studies, and tests carried out daily to meet international standards and to develop new applications.

 In 2014, Glomex developed two new high-performance satellite TV antennas to watch TV with parked vehicles (Discovery 2) and with moving vehicles (Explorer 2). These satellite TV antennas stand out from previous models for their increased performance in all weather conditions thanks to a larger dish (+ 55%) and the innovative elliptical illuminator to avoid spillover.


2021 is the year of the latest technological innovation also in the sector of satellite TV antennas for motor-homes with the introduction of the “NEO” automotive range. Like the marine satellite antennas, even the “NEO” automotive antennas are equipped with a super-fast satellite locking system even in extreme weather conditions thanks to totally renewed electronics and mechanics: more powerful processor, faster driver and more robust structure. Furthermore, the new electronics have been designed to make the “NEO” antennas super silent, both in the satellite search phase and in the tracking phase.

We are proud of our worldwide reputation for quality and reliability and we are sure that our product range will improve your communication and entertainment system to match your specific needs.

Now you understand why major boat builders and distributors worldwide trust in Glomex marine antennas: because we make the best marine antennas!

Glomex 40 - The Best in Marine Antennas