Are you searching an antenna for your boat or want to find a reliable partner to grow your business in maritime industry?

    Are you searching an antenna for your boat or want to find a reliable partner to grow your business in maritime industry?

      3 reasons to choose Glomex marine antennas


      Glomex is always keeping up to date and is focused on developing the innovative products that consumers need.


      Choosing Glomex means choosing products tested at sea and having an exclusive Lifetime Warranty on the entire range of analog products.

      The best in marine antennas

      Glomex offers the widest range of the highest quality black and white marine antennas – which is why it is already the choice of the leading boatbuilders and distributors all around the world. 

      coastal internet antennas and integrated sistems

      weBBoat® 5G line has been developed to let the boaters surf the web at ultra-high speed while sailing up to more than 20 miles from the coast.

      Key features

      • Ultra-fast download speed on board up to 2.5 Gbps
      • Priority function to choose connection type and order between mobile 5G/4G connection, Wi-Fi and SAT
      • Autoswitch mode between mobile 5G/4G connection, Wi-Fi and SAT
      • Carrier aggregation: capability to combine multiple LTE bands of the carrier into one big channel
      • Encrypted real-time peer-to-peer connection for remote set-up & service and in-built speed-test feature.

      completely customizable fast-fitting waterproof marine antennas and accessories

      Glomex widest product line that includes VHF, FM, AIS, DAB antennas and related accessories: mounts, brackets, adaptors, low attenuation coaxial cables.

      Key features

      • Special FME fast fitting termination which allows a quick and easy installation of the antenna without soldering
      • Waterproof Connection thanks to a special waterproof high quality o-ring seal
      • Special Glomex Lifetime Warranty
      • Glomeasy Configurator App that helps you find the best fast fitting solution for your boat even from home.

      omnidirectional TV antennas compatible with the DVB-T2 standard

      make possible receiving terrestrial TV signal with perfect quality and to receive all terrestrial channels in FULL HD

      Key features

      • The ONLY TV antennas with Automatic Gain Control (AGC) available on the market
      • No technical skills requiredantennas are easy to install and all functions are automatic
      • Glomex DVB-T2 TV antennas can receive also DAB frequencies
      • Possibility to adapt the installation to any of your needs, thanks to the wide selection of accessories
      • All installation components included in the packaging.



      is an exclusive ditributor of Glomex for the UK market, Ben Allen, Head of Marine Division: “We have been very fortunate to partner with such a forward thinking and dynamic team at Glomex who always provide first class technical support and a remarkable understanding of this specialist subject”.


      is the largest group in Europe deeply rooted in the recreational and commercial nautical sectors. The partnership with Alliance allows Glomex to maintain its position at the forefront of European markets, especially in the French market, where people born with a passion for boating in their blood.


      Glomex has been working for many years with Ignacio Porta, now the director of the RecmarTECH, part of Recambios Marinos:”For 30 years I have been working with Glomex. The technological evolution is exciting and the quality of the products has always been a distinction valued by customers.”.