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1,2 m (4′) fast fitting Glomeasy extension.



Glomeasy line accessories are specifically developed to make life easier for boat owners and, at the same time, to ensure the thirty-year security of Glomex antennas thanks to the attention and care in the selection of materials and in the technological research. RA303 is the extension for the universal VHF/FM/DAB/AIS antenna RA300 and is used for vertical elevation of the antenna in order to clear the reception/transmission field. This 1,2m (4’) rugged fiberglass extension is made with the same construction materials of the universal antenna RA300 to get outstanding aesthetics. This extension is easily mountable on the bottom of the antenna and is equipped with an internal, integrated 1”x14 ferrule to easily install it on any Glomex mounts.

Optional Accessories

  • RA300

    1,2 m (4′) VHF 3dB fast fitting Glomeasy antenna.

  • RA300AIS

    1,2 m (4′) AIS 3dB fast fitting Glomeasy antenna.

  • RA300FM

    1,2 m (4′) FM fast fitting Glomeasy antenna.


Optional Accessories


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