Marine DVB-T2 TV antennas range

with the high performance Automatic gain control amplifier:

Weak/strong signals automatic adjustement

The Glomex AGC DVB-T2 TV antennas stand out from the rest and are equipped with an innovative AUTOMATIC GAIN CONTROL amplifier as well as a perfectly tuned whip that can receive the DAB frequencies which is the latest generation of European Digital Audio Broadcasting. With Automatic Gain Control (AGC), life on the water just became much easier! This innovative Automatic Gain Control does all of the work for you while you enjoy your favourite local TV shows in FULL HD.

Conventional TV amplifiers are fixed or require manual adjustment for strong/weak signals. Glomex AGC amplifier adjusts gain level automatically and because of its small size, can be hidden inside the boat for a clean installation.

Have a closer look, watch the full video by clicking on the picture below.


✅ Marine DVB-T2 TV antennas available in white and black versions

✅ The ONLY Automatic Gain Control TV antennas available on the market

✅ Minimize signal interference

✅ LTE filter

✅ Quality components and materials

✅ Lifetime warranty

✅ Full assortment of accessories

Talitha AGC DAB DVB-T2 TV marine antenna

code: V9125AGCU/DAB20 (white version)

code: V9125AGCU/DAB20/BK (black version)

Dimensions: 250mm (10’) diam. / 425mm (16.8’’) H including the DAB whip

Supplied accessories:

✅ Automatic gain control amplifier

✅ 20m (66’) low loss coax cable

✅ 1,5m (5’) low loss coax cable

✅ F-male gold plated connectors (2pcs)

Optional accessories:

⠀✅ V9147 – TV/DAB/FM 2 way splitter

✅ V9124 – stainless steel deck mount

✅ V9123 – stainless steel masthead bracket

DVB-T2 TV antennas and 4G/Wi-Fi weBBoat


Glomex offers you DVB-T2 TV antennas and 4G/Wi-Fi weBBoat integrated system (both in white and black model) with the same shape to keep a balanced look of the boat!⠀

⠀✅ Mizar AGC TV antenna -> weBBoat 4G Lite EVO 4G/Wi-Fi integrated system

✅ Altair AGC TV antenna -> weBBoat 4G Plus EVO 4G/Wi-Fi integrated system

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