weBBoat 4G Lite High Speed

The new single SIM HIGH SPEED 4G/Wi-Fi All-in-One Coastal internet system

This time we’ve outdone ourselves. weBBoat 4G Lite High Speed is the LTE CAT 6 (LTE-Advanced) system with a speed of 300 Mbps in download, exactly the double compared to the 150Mbps of the standard weBBoat 4G Lite.

Connected everywhere, for real! With this new 4G/Wi-Fi All-in-One Coastal internet system you can get internet onboard and a secure Wi-Fi hotspot inside and outside the boat thanks to the in-built 4G and Wi-Fi antennas for fast connection up tp 15 miles from the coast.

Have a closer look, watch the full video by clicking on the picture below.

Want to know what’s new?

Here are the improvements we have done:

✅ CAT 6 up to 300Mbps DL

✅ Double speed on Mobile and Wi-Fi

✅ Double power processor

✅ 2 x 2.4GHz MIMO high performance Wi-Fi antennas

✅ Carrier aggregation

Some other interesting news for our new weBBoat 4G Lite High Speed:


Keep surfing the web even where your phone has NO signal, up to 15 miles from the coast!


Get the marine Wi-Fi signal from further away and with more power.


Use up to 24 different devices (smart TV, smartphone, PC, tablet…) simultaneously – with no degradation to the signal or performance!

✅ Encrypted real-time peer-to-peer connection thanks to the trouble shooting function for remote set-up & service.

✅ Easier and Faster configuration with the automatic selection of your SIM card carrier APN.

✅ You can use the free Glomex App you to manage and configure any aspect of your onboard internet connection system.

✅ You can read/send SMS and check the SIM credit.

✅ Improved UI: we added the internet data consumption section to the interface, so you can always have your rechargeable SIM card consumption under control.

Available in both white (code IT1104HS) and black (code IT1104HS/BK) as most of our products.

Double speed on Mobile and Wi-Fi

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