Glomeasy Fast fitting system

You just want to relax… don’t worry: we got you!

With our Glomeasy range you don’t have to worry about anything. You plug and you’re ready to go.

Our Glomeasy line is a concept of Plug & Play marine antenna with FME termination. Specifically developed to make life easier for boat owners!

Our goal is to provide an antenna that can be matched with different mounts, brackets, multiple adaptors, RG-8X high quality / low loss coaxial cables available in various lengths and pre-wired with a special professional and miniaturized FME connector.

Anything to make sure you have great freedom in the implementation of your VHF, FM, AIS and DAB system and an extremely easy and fast installation without the need to solder or cut the cable.

Fast fitting system: how does it work?

All Glomeasy VHF/FM/AIS/DAB marine antennas have a special FME fast fitting termination which allows quick and easy installation of the antenna. Each Glomeasy RG-8X coax cable does not need to be soldered as it has the pre-wired professional grade, high quality and rugged FME connector on each termination.

Waterproof Connections

The Glomeasy fast fitting connections are completely waterproof. That way it ensures the best possible connection and performance from the antenna to the radio.

Flexibility and Easy Customization

Glomeasy is a range of single components that can be assembled together to create a completely customizable solution for any application. Unlike other fast fitting systems, does not require a specific mount to be used.

Although the Glomeasy line is based on specific models, the combinations are endless. Choose from mounts, coax cables, accessories, and antennas to make the perfect combination to meet your boating needs.

Glomeasy configurator App

So… Need help deciding what Glomeasy antenna and accessories to get?
Gomex has developed an App to help you make your decision making easier. You just need to answer a few questions and the App will provide you with the product that best covers your needs. Available for both Android and iOS device.

Lifetime Warranty – The best quality ever!

Every product of our Glomeasy range is covered by our special Lifetime Warranty.

We are the only one in the marine industry to offer a special LIFETIME WARRANTY on most of our products. This allows our customers to shop with confidence, knowing that they only have the best quality guaranteed by Glomex..

You can really never go wrong with Glomex antennas: designed to meet everyone’s needs!

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