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49cm (19″)AM/FM Antenna with 564 mm coax cable with Motorola plug


AMALFI is a High Performance AM/FM antenna designed for any type of power boat an work boat requiring a short overall length: it’s compact (490mm / 19,3” length) and very easy to be installed on rollbar thanks to the integrated mount with high thickness gasket to ensure a total waterproof connection.
With black flexible steel whip to avoid excessive whipping action, and integrated 565 mm (22”) RG-174 coax cable with Motorola plug, it’s the best choice for your on-board AM/FM radio

FREQUENCY RANGE AM 535 – 1705 MHz; FM 88 – 108 MHz
GAIN AVERAGE 8 ±2 dB a 88 – 108 MHz; > 15 dB a 170 – 240 MHz
IMPEDANCE 50/75 ohm
SWR AM ≤ 3,5; FM ≤ 2,5
MAX INPUT POWER 100 mA @ 12 Vdc from the radio. Both of the two cables can be powered at 12 Vdc
ANTENNA LENGHT 490mm (19,3”)
ANTENNA WEIGHT 175g (6,2oz)
TERMINATION 565 mm (22”) RG-174 coax cable with Motorola plug


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